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“…thought is the most powerful tool in the cosmos. Gestalt couples the magnificent  forces of life-giving thought with enhanced overall self-awareness as the way to optimal health. The process is attentive to the whole being’s wellness: a sound mental state; accurate body image; attention to breath; physical wellness; consciousness of the equally important emotional and physical nourishment as all input effects physiology; the health benefits of letting go of emotions that cause disease.

The Gestalt concept gathers together the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of humanness, and individually seeks to improve wellness within each individual sector, then integrates the sum of those parts into the complete whole (gestalt) package. The sectors, upon close inspection, reveal information of the effects on the overall wellbeing of the human organism. Running on a treadmill three times per week is a good start to overall wellness, but is not the only piece in the health pie. Mindfully preparing well-balanced meals, staying consistently hydrated, and consuming few toxins is a good start, but the health benefits can be knocked out of the park if stress, lack of sleep and exercise, excess imbibing, and an absence of intellectual stimulation are the typical habits. All the organic fruits and vegetables and cosmetics on the planet will not counteract the effects of an imbalanced lifestyle. It is impossible to have the best possible physical/mental/emotional conditions if one is unaware of the intake of  poisonous substances being taken in from multiple venues. This wisdom includes the ingestion of sensational media bits, food additives and preservatives, unhealthy beverages, environmental contaminants, toxic relationships, and noxious mind-sets.”

The preceding quote comes from, Escaping the Chrysalis: Tools For Transformation Into Divine Wholeness by (Yes, yours truly) P.R. D’Aglion.

It is ripped from the pages of the Gestalt for Wellness chapter, and is placed here as a salacious teaser to entice the eventual purchase of the book (It’s not yet released). It may seem silly to post such an abstract paragraph, but here’s the brutal truth: Because publishers (and of course, literary agents) are only interested in putting their resources (read that as time and money) behind a project that is most probably going to sell and quadruple the investment, writers must prove that we have a platform eagerly awaiting the finished publication. My thinking is that if I can generate enough interest, and can then convince the publisher of that interest as it translates into dollar signs, then maybe they’ll bite the dangling (completed) manuscript.

More honesty to ponder is this: I have quite a unique following of the public: Most specifically, the portion that is seeking personal growth and transformation. I speak publicly, conduct gestalt training groups, write books, attend readings and of course, blog incessantly. As a so-called “specialist” of human nature and especially of gestalt techniques for expanding the collective human condition, and bolstering the self-esteem of the population, my ‘platform’ is relatively large when compared to the masses. I’ve also studied the now-mainstream concepts of the law of attraction and the right way to manifest thru right affirmations. All this has been a solid foundation of my ‘platform’ for over thirty years. Still, this is not quite enough to convince a certain handful of agents that they can sell my book to the big house publishers.

This annoyance gets me to thinking about all the authors out there writing good stuff, but being without any definable platform. How much valuable information and creative thinking goes by the wayside because the houses are chasing the next big one. The next big one of yesterday, today is The Help, a book that reportedly was turned down some SIXTY times! Talk about tenacity! I’m pretty certain that I would have stopped sending query letters after about number forty. And look at it now! The Help is a smashing success that will continue to make the author a sizeable income for decades to come.

So what does all this have to do with the beginning paragraph on wellness & gestalt? (There really is a connection.)

When we know something to be true, our grand bullshit detector lets us know. It’s a feeling in the gut, or in the heart, or in the groins, but it’s a feeling that will not be denied. That place is the core of all of us, and is the source of unstoppable force that will absolutely propel each of us to fulfillment, when it is allowed to guide us. Too often it is stuffed back into the hole, and quieted with libations and medications, but it is not to be stifled. The author of The Help must have known that the story was worth sharing, must have been driven by that inner guide. And even when it may have seemed the thing to do, she never quit promoting her work. (Both Winston Churchill and I agree on one ferocious life lesson, and that is to “never give up.” Apparently the author is a member of our club, and you might want to include yourself among this elite group!)

Overall wellness demand that we be aligned and balanced. Nature meant for us to be at peace within ourself, and to achieve what it is that we set our minds (& B.S. detector) to. So today, right now, take a moment and heed the message of your personal detector. Are you on track for greatness? Do you have a goal or do you have a dream? There is a difference, and that does not mean that dreams are not important; they are. Dreams are goals waiting to be set. Dreams are the fodder of greatness, and goals are the steps to reaching the target. It’s pretty simple.

How’s your health? How’s your alignment in every major area of life? Are you in tune with yourself? Are you listening to the messages from you to you? Have you oiled your communication pathways lately? Can you clearly hear the messages?

Do something nice today. Look in the mirror and make eye contact and tell the guy looking back that you really love him. Then maintain eye contact and allow the inner detector to speak. What is the emotion coming out of your core? Accept, without judgements, the feeling, and continue to look at yourself. Once more, say I love you. Do this daily, for the rest of your life.

~From Paris with love.

All content copyrighted by Paris D’Aglion, and is not to be copied, ripped off, or stolen without express written consent of the author. But please do email it and post it to your walls and other social hangouts.  🙂