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I’ve thought a lot about it, and I have concluded that self-esteem may be more important than an Ivy League education. This is a debatable concept, I’m certain, but debate or not, here are my thoughts.

  1. Lacking self-esteem has a correlation to ambition, and ambition is an important element to reaching the target.
  2. Severely lacking in self-confidence leads often to lethargy and even depression, thus it is not congruent with staying on course towards achievement of goals.
  3. A poor self-esteem blocks the flow of any ability to manifest greatness, if only due to a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.
  4. It’s hard to formulate a clear path to fulfillment when one is buried beneath the weight of self-consciousness.
  5. No amount of education can compensate for internalized feelings of failure.

So what’s the solution then? My years of experience as a Gestalt Group Facilitator have taught me that pretty much everyone has bouts of self-doubt. Even the most assertive, boisterous fellow may be hiding feelings of inferiority under the loud shoutings and laughter. In fact, the guy/gal with the biggest “look at me” attitude is generally the one needing support the most. That guy/gal has not learned that the secure feelings are only found inside, and not outside as from external validation. So every day, it is important to recharge those self-esteem batteries with a little awareness and a bit of attention to the ‘self’ as each of us has determined we are. For example, it’s wonderful to re-invent oneself when a particular behavior or thought process is not as effective as we would hope or expect. It’s fantastic to learn a new skill, to risk falling flat and/or succeeding. Being alert and open to new events and to fresh experiences and adventures is rewarding whether it works out as we had planned or not. There is always a lesson, a gem, a blessing in even the trying of anything new. And this willingness to ‘try’ leads to a layer of self-worth that begins to stack and build a strong foundation of secure self-esteem. The process is a circle of effectiveness that leads to yet other wondrous adventures and resultant lessons and skills. The cycle never ends, with esteem building and building and potential increasing and increasing, perpetually.

If you have a goal of economic security, ask yourself this one question: What is the feeling? There is a distinct emotion being sought. Perhaps, you say, it is a feeling of superiority or of never having to worry about the stress of bill paying. Maybe, you say, it is the emotion of being a success that the money will bring. Well here’s a little fodder to chew on: In all these cases, the true emotion being chased may be the feeling of freedom. And freedom is yours right now. All you need to do is adjust your perspective to begin to express gratitude for all you presently have.

Gratitude brings about more for which to be grateful. Today I am focused on all the gifts of my life, as I am present at every moment. Dr. Oz, according to his children, has one demand on them. “Show up,” he says. Show up consistently in your life and fall in love with all the parts of who you are in your perfect human condition. Be an active participant and the captain of your personal journey. As does any airline pilot, adjust your course as needed to reach the target. By showing up and building your platform of solid esteem, your rewards will be, and are currently, many.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.