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I’m uncertain exactly how to add a little YouTube video to my blog today, but I found this peaceful little number and felt compelled to share it with my vast audience. Hope this link works. The video is sweet and will calm the coffee jitters.

My comment of “vast audience” was of course, with tongue stuffed fully in cheek humor. I really have no idea if anyone reads my consciousness flow. All I really know if that I am compelled to write, and this venue works as well as any, perhaps better in many cases.

I’ve other blogs and writing sites, but I return here more often than ever, as it just feels right. And as a gestalt practitioner, I’m all about how stuff “feels” because it is awareness of our feelings that leads us to enlightenment and personal growth.

It appears that ‘awareness’ is a rare trait, at least self-awareness seems to me to be the exception and not the rule. Unless we turn down the noise that drowns out our inner spirit, we are not likely to hear the little voice from inside our self. No social pages to dance around, no cops and robbers and forensics blaring into the living and bed rooms, no nightly negative news channels will ever lead us to fulfillment. All the creative avoidances must be placed aside in order for us each to have a personal conversation with our self.

And why is this “personal conversation” important, you may ask? It is critically important that we learn to listen to our voice and to separate our voice from the messages of the masses. It takes silence to hear the truth of our spirit. The journey to fulfillment and enlightenment is thru the soul, thru the self to the self. Only when we sit still and exhale will we connect to the empowerment of our true unique beauty.

So for this, I give you the short time out video of serene energy. This is my gift to you today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

~As always, from Paris with love & light. Ahimsa.