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Click this link for a music video called: Fearless

Every single solitary decision ever made, is coming from a primal place of either love, or fear. Take a moment to contemplate that declaration. EVERY SINGLE DECISION YOU HAVE EVER MADE, OR WILL EVER MAKE, IS CREATED FROM A FOUNDATION OF EITHER FEAR OR LOVE.

What thoughts come to mind as you read that statement? Does your reactive self lash out and refuse to accept such a limiting perspective? Do you immediately look for exceptions? for ways around it? Or do you trust that there may be some link of truth to the words?

Both fear and love are primitive emotional responses that stem from the primal need to flee or fight. As humans being such, we still recognize the need to be aware of our surroundings, of strangers, of new uncertainties. Too often, fear is the quagmire that keeps us stuck, stops us from daring to take a step forward into the unknown. Fear is
the glue that keeps the masses glued to the television set, when time would be
better spent on more rewarding activities. Fear is the means of control by marketing
magicians who bank, literally, on the fears of those individuals watching the
nightly (always bad) news. Fear keeps those eyes on the television and also on
the commercial advertisements that pay mega-amounts to advertise the
‘must-have’ of the day. Fear is a tool used by politicians to get votes: Vote
for me and I will save you, is the message. But save you from what?

Fear is a valuable tool when awareness is attached. Sans awareness, it is a puppeteer’s strings, pulling and lifting and dropping and controlling the show.

Love is a unique commodity that keeps on growing and dividing and never loses any strength. In fact, love, when divided, actually multiplies! Wealth-gurus teach that when you give away a dollar, under the universal law of tithing, you will receive back a percentage in reciprocal fashion. When you give away love, and in the same sort of way, you will receive back a percentage in reciprocal fashion.

When choices are made from a place of love, a personal security is built. Self-esteem is fertilized by the choice itself, as well as from the release of endorphins and other feel-good emotions. Love promotes health. Love also fosters balance and acceptance. Love is a powerful elixir and antidote to depression. Love for humankind moves mountains, creates heroes where none previously existed, and propels individuals and huge masses towards actualization. Love is divine, and there is no price great enough to buy real love.

Love, as opposed to fear, is a great enhancer. Fear, as opposed to love, is a great destroyer.

What we focus on will always take center stage, expanding to fill our psychic space with the element of emotion from which the focus sprouts. Knowing this, focus on what you wish to expand. If you want more love in your life, be more loving. If you want more generosity in your life, be more generous. If you want more fear in your life, spend your life focusing on all that could possibly go wrong. And if you want more hatred in your life, go away from here until you’ve learned that self-love is the foundation of world peace.


~As always, from Paris with love.