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King Solomon said, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” This statement has been used for promoting everything from self-help to building great wealth. It is also the reason behind poverty and crumbling nations. Whether as a microcosm or as a macrocosm, “As a man thinks,” is an indicator of how a general population thinks. If the masses think from a core of fear, then fear is the way in which the population lives. There is a collective consciousness that ebbs and flows, mainly picking up momentum thru the media’s focus on fear and horrible events. Adrenaline raising water-cooler gossip of the latest tragedies incites the flame of fear into a wildfire that buckles the country at its knees. The actions of a few whacked out individuals on September 11, 2001, were indisputably beyond horrific. But here’s the truth: terrorists killed over 3000 innocent American people, but the attack really went much deeper than the loss of life on American soil. The results of the attack are that a great nation was pierced with colossal fear, and the then current ‘leaders’ of that constituency took the opportunity to use that fear as a tool with which to govern the people. That fear was the excuse to go after Saddam Hussein (remember him and the purported weapons of mass destruction that turned out to be mis-information?). That fear led many Americans to fear the neighbor next door because that neighbor didn’t look quite American enough. Muslims were immediately seen as enemies, and radicals took action. Thousands more humans were killed in wars that spread to Iraq, Afghanistan, and thru-out the Middle East. And of course, there is still the nervous twitch as we decide if that guy walking past is from India or Iran.

Recall the “yellow” and “red” alert. Try to recapture the feeling you experienced on that day. Where were you and how did it affect you? How still, are you affected by the actions of that infamous day? Is fear still a part of your repertoire? Do you hesitate to attend public gatherings, especially commemorative events, or do you still let your children attend public schools? Do you fear retaliation for speaking out about your feelings if you remind someone of the fact that terrorists can attack at any time ~not just on anniversary dates?

Did you know that Jordanian’s too have their “9-11”? On September 11, 2005 the Jordanian’s suffered at the hands of terrorists. For a sweet tribute watch: http://youtu.be/3sR6tXmxsi0 on YouTube. They stand with America. Actually, most of the global community stands together, collectively. We simply must look to the strength in the numbers of sane societies.

Individually, and collectively, we all need to be aware. And we need to be also aware of the ways in which we are manipulated by fear as an emotion. Being aware does not mean being paranoid. Do you get scared each time you get in a vehicle? Probably not. Millions of people have died in automobile accidents, yet most of us don’t think about the odds of dying when that engine starts up. We shop, eat in restaurants, and take walks in the park despite that truth that many folks lose their lives doing those seemingly benign activities. People even die in church. And much of the time, we humans die sitting on the couch, stuffing toxic foods into our pie holes while watching the heart-damaging information that comes in as the “nightly news.”

Take an honest look at your inner triggers, and remember the law of attraction. As a global community we can create positive change when we are projecting the strength of the sane masses. We can promote peace starting from an individual source of clarity and awareness of what we are swallowing as being the ‘norm’. Conversely, the terrorists win if we allow fear to rule our lives. Be mindful of where your actions and reactions are coming from. How legitimate is your response to strangers? Vow to feel your fear, and do it anyway, whatever it is that you wish to do. Affirm the affirmation: Illegitimi non carborundum! (Don’t let the bastards win.)


Paste this link in your browser for a tribute video to 9-11 by, the talented, Last Breath: http://youtu.be/0yMTs_-NA4o

~As always, from Paris with love & light.