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EGO and Purpose

Ego often gets a bad rap, is accused as being the over-bearing impulsive emotion on the wide spectrum of behavioral possibilities. “Check your ego at the door,” became the chant of the USA for Africa campaign as creative celebrities gathered to record, “We Are The World,” in order to raise both money and awareness of famine across the globe.

Egotistical is a label usually reserved for brutish sorts, pompous royals, the Nuevo riche, and for those who use the façade of ego as a mask, behind which to hide deep insecurities. It’s the tag adhered to the womanizer, the wrestler, the rock star, the movie star, the Imperialist, the dictator, and to the big banker. It’s possibly the hidden resentment and/or the tongue lashing accusation at a partner when he or she is being particularly stubborn. But as each coin has its sides, so too does each emotion. At first exposure, ego may make the hair on the neck stand taller, but let’s look at the positive side of the stereotype.

It was ego that guided these celebrities to believe they could make a difference in unacceptable conditions. Ego wrote the songs, gathered the personalities, and drove the crusade for change. In the end, ego was the muscle that moved mountains and fed the millions of starving people.

What is the force, if not ego, that would cause us to continue when floods wipe out homes, or fires burn down crops? When proverbial doors are closed and windows seem to be painted shut with decades old beliefs of waning self-worth what strength propels us forward in a desire to attain greatness? When death has ripped a close loved one from our grasp, how do we place one foot in front of the other? When we are nudged or pushed with enthusiastic compulsion to attend to an activity, to study the subject of our passion, to write the words that must be put down, to bake the cakes that everyone must taste, to build the invention that bangs around in the head until it comes to fruition, to translate the inner music into majestic compositions, to follow an undeniable, perhaps even divine purpose, ego is the fuel that takes us across that finish line.

Ego is a force that leads us back to further education. Ego prompts us to want more, to be more, to accomplish more. Ego gets us off the couch and into the classroom, or away from the liquor bottle that deadens the spirit. Ego leads us to our true nature and moves us forward and thru the unchartered future. Ego is a good pal of Callings. Ego helps us to identify our truest calling, and then ego is there as our subjective paths unfold, as we decide to take the step to our dream goal of fulfillment despite our fears. Without ego, we may remain on that couch watching summer reruns; we may never even take a moment to contemplate the concept of self-actualization, to consider the possibilities life offers.

Ego is an empowering friend to you. Today, take a few minutes alone, and really look for the greatness inside of you. What is one fabulous thing about you? Own that fabulous part of yourself. Own ALL the parts of you. Connect with every facet of who you are in your complete gestalt form. Express gratitude for you in your perfect human condition. Re-member with each piece of yourself; reconnect the valuable parts of you that have been disowned in your efforts to fit in, or to impress or appease others, or that have been abandoned in order to allow you to remain inconspicuous.

Allow yourself to be seen. Begin by seeing yourself in your whole beingness. Being whole (gestalt) means the same thing as having integrity. There are no splits, cracks, or fractures in your whole being. You are a human being. Embrace your wholeness, and utilize the positive side of your ego as it supports you in your balanced ambition to whole and integritous humanness. Go for it! Claim your divine worthiness and your individual uniqueness. Claim your legacy. Embrace your ego as the fuel to rocket you to fulfillment of your divine calling.

~As always, from Paris with love.