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Five Ways Media Distorts the Human Condition

1. Noise masks the messages from the self to the self. As a writer, I need quiet serenity in order to produce. This need for solitude is not restricted to writers. EVERYONE benefits from quiet time. Taking time to reflect and be still offers physical health benefits as the blood pressure drops, the heart rate slows, and oxygen circulates throughout the body. Simultaneously, the mind, when quieted, provides a deep reservoir of information and healing that can only come when there is adequate calmness. Simply being present in the exact moment allows the spirit to surface and be recognized and valued. Being in this quiet zone aligns the whole (Gestalt) self, mind, body and spirit. Turn off the media. Seek silence, and listen for the silence to open the power of you.

2. External Input clouds the truth of who you are. It is in the ‘impossible/insane range’ to believe that solutions to your problems and questions are found outside of yourself. Every individual has the best possible answer to his or her own questions. It then follows, that others too, have their own best answers and do not require your input in order to reach the correct answer to any question or issue. In order to receive the answer to any question, listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice will not lie to you, manipulate you, or lead you astray. Trust you, above all others, to have your best answer. Allow others the valuable lessons of learning to hear their own inner voices too. The characters you’re watching on the television are fictional and despite the trend towards so-called “reality” TV, there is little or nothing of reality in the story lines. Live an authentic life and leave the make-believe passive aggression to the over-paid actors. Be very clear about creating your authentic life.

3. External Validation is far too common. Rather than determining your self-worth and/or defining your values based on other’s opinions of who you are, what you are capable of accomplishing, what you should or shouldn’t do, what you should look like, act like, how you should perform, what occupation you should settle for, or how deserving of love you are, decide for yourself what your true colors are! Choose to be, do, and have whatever it is that you determine. Decide for yourself, what will fulfill you, and then go for it in spite of others. Look inside of yourself for true love. Authentic love is found inside of each of us, and is the core strength of each of us. Self-love is empowerment. Affirm self-love daily. It really doesn’t matter how many ‘friends’ you have on that social media site. What is important is your personal relationship with yourself. All the outside sources on and beyond the globe will not have the power to transform you, or take you to fulfillment, when compared to the personal power you have inside. Learning to love you is not some psychobabble. Learning the rare art of self-love catapults you to the finish line of success and enlightenment.

4. Hiding Behind the Internet, behind the voice mail, and behind the abbreviated emotions in email and text messages creates a stage for inauthentic behavior. Camouflaged amidst the sea of virtual possibilities all sorts of out-of-character behaviors surface and are acted out in supposed anonymity. The technological age of avatars has fed the off-kilter egos with a fantasy that flows over into reality. Bullies and pedophiles think they are invisible, and virtual sex is considered ‘not cheating’ on one’s partner. Here’s the reality news flash: It’s not as anonymous as one might think! Unlike Las Vegas, where what happens stays there, once an entry is made in cyberspace, it exists until the end of time and beyond. Choose who you are, and feel free to re-create yourself in a better light at every opportunity. Do not, however, think that whatever you do is not a matter of observance by anyone taking even the slightest glance. The core of this lesson is that authenticity is key. Be true to your whole (gestalt) divine nature and nobody gets hurt!

5. The media warps reality. A daily dose of nightly news is not an accurate view of global conditions. The news is sponsored by corporations with deep, generous pockets. Those corporations are happy to pay millions of dollars in order to get their message across to the millions of viewers, that is of course, as long as the corporation agrees with the message sent by the network. A clear example of this charade is when corporations marketing anti-anxiety products, headache medications, and other stress related merchandise sponsor network news. The corporation, in this case, has a vested interest in seeing that the masses are stressed, so that those same stressed viewers will see, and then quickly purchase, the product being marketed (thru the sponsoring) to reduce stress. The corporation would not be interested in sponsoring a ‘good news” program; there would not be the appropriate stress level in the audience, thus, the viewers would not “quickly purchase” the corporate wares. If you are watching the nightly news, or any other ‘programming’ for that matter, discover who is sponsoring the news, who owns (thus, regulates/controls) the network, and the politics behind the scenes. Take this a step further and find out where the proceeds from all your purchases are going. Is that pizza you ate on Saturday made by a company that’s owned by an anti-abortionist, an anarchist, a motorcycle gang? What about the bank that happily allows you to deposit your cash? What are the politics of the corporations that control your day-to-day purchases? Do they slaughter dolphins? Be an active participant in your life, right down to the last detail. Support causes and corporations that align with your values and conscience. Consciously control your life by controlling the input that you digest. You don’t have to tune it out completely, but be aware of the media messages and compare the messages to your personal values.

Being self-aware leads to being authentic. Those persons true to themselves, to personal values, and dedicated to reaching for dreams and fulfillment are genuine heroes. As role models, these true-to-self individuals are to be emulated, even while being admired. At the end of life, who really knows what we’ll find. Whether you believe in an after-life or not, a life well lived now, in this precise moment in time, is a grand reward. Make the best from the unpredictable life span you’ve been allotted. Make it enough!

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