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Birds have wings because somewhere along the way they intended to fly. You have the life you currently are living because somewhere along the way, however consciously or non consciously, you intended to experience this life of your design.

If your life is not what you had hoped for, stop hoping and start intending. Take a few short but valuable minutes each morning and mindfully set your intention for the day.

Is there something that you would really like to have happen? How much attention do you give to the pursuit of that ‘something’? If you are not setting an intention daily,  how could you possibly ever achieve any successes towards a non-set goal?

When you get clear about your intention, the universe has a way of aligning with your intention. People, tools, books, avenues of awareness all open up to support the achieving of the intention which has been intended.

Without intention, time dissolves into the ethers and then you die; your dreams and aspirations are still locked deep inside, unrealized.

What are you waiting for?

The gift of life is that we have the ability to choose. We can choose how to live, where to live, how to respond, who to share our finite time with, and how to spend that same time allottment. With the gift of choice comes a responsibility to choose. If we are not consciously making the choices, then who is? Going through life without consciously making choices, without setting intentions is still a choice. In this case, the choice is made to not make any conscious choices. Either way, there is still a decision being made whether thru apathy, laziness, or inertia.

Living consciously, intending your life to be a certain way places you on the track towards achievement of your dreams, and may lead you to a place of wonderful fulfillment and actualization.

Living unconsciously, not setting intentions, surely does not lead to any level of self-realization, attainment, or success.

The choice, is yours. Exercise your right to choose, to live the life you intend to live.


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~From Paris with love.