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Today, as I was on the Facebook playground, I began to think about the word “inspire” as at the root of “in spirit” and “inspiration”. Stay with me. I promise to not get too out there! Being in one’s spirit, is to be inspired. From this core thought, I blossomed into the consideration of the vast numbers of individuals and companies that have inspired me throughout the decades.

The following is a short list of inspirational sources. It is my hope that you, the reader, will add your inspiring links to the list. If, for some reason the links don’t post in the comments section, send them to me via email (ParisDAglion@yahoo.com) and I will see that your inspirational sites and comments get listed. Be sure to add a short line about how or why the individual or company has inspired you.

To start spreading Inspiration here’s my short list:

http://www.facebook.com/groups/119536110447/#!/PepsiWeInspire  Pepsi-co provided support to a non-profit for adolescent suicide prevention. They also have now formed the PepsiWeInspire program to feed a positive stream of consciousness.

http://www.wienetwork.org/ Women: Inspiration & Enterprise is an empowerment site for women. Be certain to check them out, and friend them on Facebook.

http://www.buybooksontheweb.com/product.aspx?ISBN=0-7414-3850-X This is a link to a book that inspires the reader to find the “Blessings in the Mire” of our lives. The author’s tenacity is more than inspirational; it is profoundly thought provoking.

http://www.u2.com/heartsandminds This is where U2’s Bono makes a global difference. Even if the music wasn’t great, this would be on my short list. The great music is a bonus.

http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1991/kyi-bio.html Aung San Suu Kyi is one of the bravest individuals to ever walk this planet.

http://www.alberteinstein.info/ Yes, I know he’s dead, but the biography of Albert Einstein is an inspiring and fascinating read. The world as we know it today is an effect of Albert Einstein’s brilliance and moreover, of his tenacity. Reportedly, it all started with the gift of a compass at age 5. When Einstein began to contemplate the consistent north facing compass, his curiosity sprouted and thrived. If only we could each be so inspired and curious!

There are hordes of individuals without personal websites, persons who are the quiet unsung heroes making a difference every day just thru attitudes and actions. Some of my personal acquaintances are on my list. Some strangers have inspired me too. This list truly is endless in possibilities.

Who inspires you? Almost every day of my finite life I find some inspiration in the seemingly mundane. Nature inspires me to clear the underbrush of traits that no longer support my achievements. Bees inspire me to get busy, butt in chair and write the words down before the sun goes back down. Sunsets calm me, and inspire me to exhale after a productive day. The days inspire me as I contemplate how quickly they pass and how suddenly they may end. Birth and death inspire me to love harder and to trust myself more deeply. Self-trust reminds me of why we are here: to learn to trust every facet of who we are, and to inspire others thru our actions, our role modeling. Role modeling reminds me to strive, to reach a little further each day to see just how far I can stretch that progress as I express gratitude daily and nightly. It also reminds me to see the good in others, and in everything. And being reminded to find the good, reminds me to be kinder and more accepting of myself, as surely my self-worth will be projected outward onto my environment and onto others.

Be sure to take a moment to add a few of your favorites to this list. Share the inspiration today, and let’s see how long we can take this list!

~As always, from Paris with love & light.