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There is no more obvious connection than that between incoming and outgoing wealth. The science of alchemy, creating riches thru science, has become less of a scientific challenge and more of a once metaphysical~now mainstream acknowledgment of the power of tithing as it relates to manifesting. Give and receive. Reap and then sow. It’s not magic or “rocket science” as the current cliché says. It’s sense. Moving the energies creates an equal effect. Throw a rock in a pond and ripples happen. Throw a rock at a window and shattering happens. For positive or negative, the results are as one intends with the action.

I grew up with the belief that one should always give away a full 10% of any income that was earned or attracted. If I won a contest and the prize was a pizza, it would follow that I would give away a piece of the pie to my thankful friends. Nothing has changed. I still give away 10% of the pie. I do this, because it makes me feel really good to share the bounty. I bask in the warmth of the reward that giving gives to me. The reward is instantaneous. Ahh…. I just wrote a note out to my favorite children’s charity, or yippee, I’ve helped to feed another homeless dog or cat. My tithing makes the difference, often in real life or death situations. Maybe it will be my dollars that help bring in the research that eventually ends AIDS, leukemia, cancers….

I’ll admit that I give less often these days to those begging on mall corners. It annoys me that the four corners of the intersection are homes to the homeless. There are just too many. How can I give to one and not to all? To rectify this conundrum, I now give to the organizations that reach these folks. “No,” I answer to the woman who has just asked me if I could buy her a, “Big Mac, large Pepsi, and large fries?” The correct answer should be, “Yes,” because of course I could buy her lunch. But instead I say, “No.” Just, “No.” And when I return from my errands, the woman is just finishing her especially ‘Happy’ meal. I look at the other corners and see the men still gaunt and hungry, still holding the signs: VET. My heart aches a little and I choke back on the thoughts of judgement that want to come out of my psyche and spit out of my mouth. I stuff the non-politically correct exasperation back down, and I am reminded that we are each here to learn from. From the woman sitting on the concrete eating toxic fast foods I learn to be innovative and to keep affirming the world as I intend it for me. From the collective VETs I am reminded to offer more hugs and acceptance, and I remember that I have a donation of items to give to the Veteran‘s Thrift Store.

What I know is this: Whatever I intend, happens. Whenever I get out the checkbook and my pen stops at the ‘amount’ box, I contemplate the intent. What, exactly, am I intending with this check. After all, I am executing the deal, allotting the funds to a cause by signing my personal signature at the bottom of the paper. My signature, my money is speaking for me. It is saying that I believe in the cause, in the receiver of the funds. It implies that I intend the donation is designed to make a difference, have an impact, be the cause that effects change in cause and effect.  I intend to do “good” and I know the power of the cash to nudge things along. As I seal the envelope and drop the charitable donation into the mailbox, I intend that it reach the exact perfect person to take care of the details just as I intend.

I also tithe because not only does it make me feel good, it also has intended reciprocal results. I know that when I give at least 10%, I immediately set into action the cycle of giving and receiving. I open myself up to wealth as I give of my wealth. I open myself up to riches as I share the ways of gleaning riches with others. I intend others to be whole, gestalt, balanced in every way, and this includes monetarily. As I intend this for others, I am simultaneously intending and manifesting the same for me.

Every evening as I settle in for the night, I do one last thing in the dark. I close my eyes and recall the day. No matter how the day has gone, I find at least 5 things for which to express gratitude. I give thanks for the penny I found on the ground, for the delicious meal that I ate, for the clean water I drank, for the delicious bed I sleep in, for friendly gestures, for safe travels, for the roof that protects me from the wolves. I breath in the energy of gratitude, and I consciously exhale the darkness that would love to enter my psyche. I intend for niceties and peace and safety for the next day when I will awaken and begin it all again. And then I sleep, as I intend, in peaceful slumber and colorful dreams.

I intend to make a positive difference in this universe of possibilities. And I intend to manifest the life of my intentions so that I may never run dry of things for which to be grateful. Even on the toughest times, there is always something that calls on my expression of gratitude. Today, I am grateful that I have a keyboard and a venue to shout out my thoughts. You never know who’s listening.