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You are not made of energy. You are energy. As a pulsating, malleable force, your energy radiates and vibrates and bumps up against the energies of all else, including bumping against and merging with others. All of this energy forms the field in which we exist. This is our collective shared environment, so it’s important that we all be good neighbors and quality contributors to the whole of all.

A decade or so ago, I wrote an article regarding the properties of personal energy. In this article I posed the question, Can we change our energy frequency? My hypothesis is that we not only can change our vibrational frequency, but that we actually do so several hundred times each day.

The uproar against my claim could be heard around the globe and to the non-planet, Pluto! Readers responded in a general, “Hell no, we can’t change our energy frequency; we are who we are,” or something akin to that sentiment.

Those counter claims are wrong.

When I turn on a smooth jazz, or an angelic collaboration of harps and strings and soprano voices, or when I turn up the Industrial Rock music, I can clearly detect a spectral change in my energetic field. When the dog next door barks incessantly at the approaching garbage truck, and I yell at that dog for being a dog and doing what dogs do, I feel the shift. My blood pressure raises and my heart beat increases and my energies slow to a darker, heavier, lower frequency. When someone bursts into the room in an aura of anger and/or negativity, the energy of the entire room is altered. When I laugh out loud, or hear a child’s unbridled giggle, or when I hold and breathe in the fresh scent of a newborn infant, when I mourn the loss of love, or when I say good-bye knowing it is for the last time, all these events alter my energetic
frequency. Standing on a mountaintop, screaming at the top of my lungs in an act of therapeutic primal screaming raises my vibration while screaming at the top of my lungs in anger and/or frustration lowers the frequency.

All these highs and lows impact the collective field.

What energies are you emanating today?

Are you spewing negativity like a volcano churning out molten contaminants? Did you offer up the universal hand gesture at another driver on your way to the office? Did you think about doing it or did you act on the urge? Have you been discussing your thoughts about your friend’s actions or choices behind his or her back? Have you judged a fellow human based on race, skin color, socio-economic status, country of origin, health conditions, body shape or size, or any other learned biases? Are you better than them?

Have you smiled today, helped a less fortunate Earth-sibling, donated to a worthy cause, lifted someone from depression, been a good neighbor, been a worthwhile employee, hugged someone, expressed gratitude, or in any way contributed to raising the collective frequency?

It starts with you. Your energetic center is rippling outward into the greater sea of all. Be conscious of where your core of force energy resides. Is it expanding from your heart? Is it coming from your gut? Does your force begin from a small spirit inside your torso? Wherever you decide that your radiant center of beingness originates, be acutely aware of this source point.

For the next seven days, consciously look inward at your light center. When you awaken in the morning, place your attention to your center for fifteen minutes. Converse silently with this inner light point, and listen to the wisdom that comes thru this, your infinite connection to the universal oneness. Repeat this mindful awareness and silent communication each night before going to sleep. It is at this level of awareness that you can quickly raise your personal energetic frequency through focused intent and mindfulness. It is here that you most powerfully affect universal and personal change. And it is here that you are most attuned to the energetic avenue of manifestation of the desires of your fulfillment. This is your power center. This is where your inner thermostat for raising and lowering your frequency is controlled. Have a good time getting to know this intimate vibrational source. In time, you will not likely choose to participate in the spewing the dark vibrations.

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~As Always, From Paris with love & light.