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Manifesting requires alignment with mind, body, and spirit. Just as Dr. Wayne Dyer presents this audio on the 9 Principles of Manifesting, in a concise, no subterfuge manner, manifesting is a direct principle and undeniable universal law. When we align with our whole gestalt beingness at an organic level, we are aligned with the field of consciousness from which all manifestation takes place.

We are always within reach of our dreams and our goals. Self-actualization is not some far-out, voodoo, new-age mumbo-jumbo. It is our purpose, each and every human, to reach further than before. Manifesting a life rich with beauty and fulfillment is the natural state of the human organism and of the human spirit. There is really no separation, only the illusion of separateness from each other.

This disconnection is a result of systematic conditioning which can be unlearned, released and replaced with whole gestalt integrity. Connecting and aligning mind, body, and spirit is the empowering whole self at its most perfect condition. The empowered being is aware that all life experience is a result of manifestation. Given that wisdom, the being turns away from self-destructive manifestations, and consciously seeks to manifest a whole and empowered experience of being human.

Empowerment is not meanness. Empowerment is not to be misconstrued with false ego or bullying or aggressive actions. Empowerment is harmless to others, and in fact is very powerful to others in that as a role model, the empowered human being (aka the human being empowered) displays that wholeness is effectiveness. Empowerment is truth. It is assertive and clear communication using “I” messages and never attacking others. Empowerment is equivalent to ‘Ahimsa’ (harmlessness).

A solid self-esteem is not in need of verbose grandiosity. There is no need for false posturing or pretense. The gestalt being is secure and has no need to prove or argue another’s perspective. Being gestalt, means being balanced. The alignment is solid and the self unwavering in the knowingness of the ability to live the life as one is choosing at every step and/or non-step.

Everything we do, whether consciously or not, is instrumental in manifesting our subjective destiny. Making an aware choice to take necessary steps each day towards one’s chosen goal, or not having a goal at all, each of these are choices that lead to an end result. Not making a plan, is planning to not reach a goal. It’s that old adage that says, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

Step back and look at your daily activities. Do you work towards a destination of your mindful choosing every day, or do you sort of go thru the motions and let life pass by as unfilled days? Do you have a goal and then self-sabotage that endgame thru your inability or unwillingness to put forth the effort to stay on some course of action?

Self-sabotage comes from an habitual internalized message from you to you that says you’re not good enough. When you are facing supposed roadblocks, when it appears to you that the universe is out to get you, it is actually you getting in your own way. It is your insecurity that whines, “I can’t” when in fact, if you really choose to, you can. Saying “I can’t” is a fast way to manifest road blocks and to affirm into being the barriers that challenge or even (depending on your tenacity and self-esteem level) stop you from success. This “I can’t” chant is an affirmation for failure. And all affirmaitons work to manifest whatever is being affirmed. Choose your words and thoughts wisely, and be aware of negative affirmations in your headspeak. By mindfully stating your desires, and by building your self-esteem, you will begin to rapidly manifest the life of your choosing.

I hope you make the choice each day that tells the universe and everyone in your path that you can, and you are. Your ripples in the sea of universal collective consciousness are instrumental in the growth of all that is, and all that ever was, or will be. Thanks for adding the manifestation of success and fulfillment. We collectively deserve no less.


As always, from Paris D’Aglion with love and light.