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Whether one’s home is a small tent in a junkyard or a luxurious pied-a`-terre in Provence, one would greatly benefit from awareness of chi (life-force) energies. You know that chi energy exists, because you are aware of the various feelings that you experience when stumbling across an old graveyard, or entering into a majestic cathedral, or walking in when someone has just died or is near death, or the energy that fills an environment when there have been harsh words recently flung, or the energy of joy that exists in the quiet wilderness, or the energy that surrounds your lover when you first become aware….

Chi, life force energies are swirling around each of us, constantly. You are a part of this energy field, and your energies interact and mingle with the field around you, as well as with those in your vibrational field. The chi life flow is meant to be as a stream, moving easily around obstacles and always in free, unencumbered motion.

Chi is in your home. It is also in your workplace and in your bedroom, your kitchen, your living room, and your bath. Chi is everything. And chi is at the foundation of what the Asian culture has for thousands of years referred to as, Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway).

This feng shui tradition is built on an awareness of environmental energies, and is instrumental in success. Think of the ways in which your personal energy gets blocked up and/or stagnates. In much the same way as the human body benefits from a smooth flowing digestive tract, the energetic field also benefits from unblocked energy flow. It is for this reason, that being mindful of the energies we each are producing, and being conscious of the flow of our individual and collective forces is such an integral element to personal fulfillment.

If your personal space is filled with debri and has stagnant air, freshen it up. Your environment is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside of you. Are you a scattered mess, or are you organized and respectful of yourself and of others?

Clearing personal space in every arena of one’s life makes way for the flow of wealth, productivity, creativity, health, and in traditional gestalt theory, of gestalt wholeness and balanced wellness. Clearing the way, frees up ‘stuck’ energy and allows it to be used for higher purposes.

Begin to see with new eyes. Adjust your sails as needed for smooth sailing towards your chosen destination.