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There is some confusion throughout the human race, an affective condition that thwarts a secure, self-confident self-esteem. It is as though, at birth, a happy and healthy, and most decidedly assertive, little bundle of authentic being entered this Earth plane; quickly and systematically, this newborn was taught to disown valuable traits, characteristics, and security, and to replace those resultant gaping holes in self-assuredness with imbalance, neuroses, and self-wallowing pity.

It then follows that these now-fractured humans, each of whom was once whole (GESTALT) then grew up and as families do, taught this process of disowning parts of the self to his/her offspring. The perpetuation of the species became also then, the perpetuation of the lies:

  • That one is not perfect in his or her humanness.
  • That if one is too secure they are to be sliced at the knees to a more manageable ego size.
  • That each and every human is imperfect.
  • That to achieve (or even consider reaching beyond the societal mores) is akin to blasphemy.
  • That suffering is good and good is evil.
  • That self-confidence is not the norm and self-consciousness is the traditional way of being for the masses.

The list is endless, of course. And the list is too frequently bought into even as the walking sleepers go thru life unaware. It is precisely this unawareness, this mindless movement through one’s life span that makes it all so difficult, and simultaneously so easy for the external controls to manipulate.

Here’s another secret, long hidden from the masses, a secret, yet simple key to life:


Dig down into that insecure core and take a peek at the little inner seedling. Your whole gestalt self is still there, awaiting recognition, not from some external place of validation, rather, the seedling awaits only your attention, your recognition. Your awareness is the fertilizer for self-realization, for complete divine fulfillment.

The key is you. Look only inward. Your perfect self is here. Now. You really haven’t gone anywhere, and your integrity is still intact, if you choose to allow yourself to be whole. Claim your personal power. Affirm your right to greatness. Be the being you truly are at your gestalt core. There is no logical reason to disown your personal power or competency. There is no need to pretend you are less than whole. Let go of any old worn out internalized tapes that say you are not good enough. You are good enough. In fact, you are perfect in your humanness.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.