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As you watch the prophetic video of Steve’s speech at Stanford, be conscious of the ways in which you can emulate his dedication to living, by living each day as if it might be his last. Today, it was. Rest in peace Steve Jobs. Your inspiration will ripple eternally in the sea of universal possibilities. Thank you for the gifts you have brought to us through your personal insights.

This little blog has been thru many transformations today. Beginning with the loss of content, and escalating into a technical array of madness, I think it was all in reaction to the loss of the brilliant Steve Jobs. In the field of universal energies, he was instrumental in transforming the universe with each step forward. Surely, with his leaving, there must be a massive gap of emptiness that remains. I’m going out to the night sky to see if his trail lingers. I’m sure to see an apple in the ethers.

It’s impossible to contemplate what the computer age would be without the genius influence and tenacity of this great pioneer. When others laughed and made comments such as why would anyone want a computer at their home? Steve Jobs had the audacity to move forward. He never stopped imagining a greater product, and always included the element of fun into each new creation.

I am saddened deeply by the loss. The world has lost a real role model of self-development and whole living. Steve Jobs saw the unimaginable and brought it to fruition. Seemingly, nothing short of cancer could stop his brilliant ingenuity and his creative spirit. Alas, the good die young, it is said. And Steve Jobs was the epitomy of a good man. He left us far too soon.

I am inspired by all that he accomplished, and by all that he envisioned. Steve Jobs will forever be the historical icon for greatness and ambition, against the odds of a corporate giant that lacked his foresight. Rest in peace great gentleman. Rest in peace. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for all you gave.

~As always, from Paris with love.