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Steve Jobs clearly embraced the importance of two primary concepts for success: Focus and simplicity. The seven secrets of innovation according to Steve Jobs:

1. “Do what you love.” You will have limitless passion as fuel to propel you even in times of doubt and/or barriers. And more importantly, you’ll never “work” another day in your life.

2. “Put a dent in the universe.” Steve Jobs obviously put not only “a dent in the universe,” but he actually changed the energetic flow of the universal flow. His mark is indelibly marked on the face of the universe, and his ripples of positive innovation are endless. Make a decision to do whatever it takes to make you positive dent. Stay the course with focused intent.

3. “Kick-start your brain.” Do this with brain stimulating input that feeds your curiosity and creativity. Take an “artist’s date” at least once each week. Whatever it takes, feed your inspiration, and watch it blossom into something fulfilling.

4. “Sell dreams, not products.” When others buy the dream, you’ll have their focus and their attention. People don’t want to “be sold.” They do embrace the possibilities of innovative ideas.

5. “Say no to 1,000 things.” This is seemingly a page out of Aristotle Onassis‘ how-to book. Onassis reportedly kept a little book of names. If someone was important enough to make it onto the pages they were worthy of his time and energy. Jobs understood that if you say “no” to what and whom is not important, you cut the clutter from the stem. What is left is what is most crucially important. Don’t waste finite time on whatever or whomever does not deserve your valuable time and energy. Invest your life in the quest for achieving the fruits of your passion. Focus on the real matters and “say no” the minutia.

6. “Create insanely great experiences.” Fascinating experiences are a turn on and when people are turned on they are paying attention to you. We all love to be in awe. We tell others when we have been impressed. This is a great marketing tip.

7. “Master the message.” Only when you can convey your message in simple language will others buy it. Again the message of simplicity is clear.

That’s it. In the spirit of “simplicity and focus” there is no need to elaborate. The straightest way to a target is the straightest. Define the destination. Set the aim. Go forward every day with clarity.

~As always, from Paris with love and light.