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Do you ever ponder your purpose in the universe? Have you thought about how your actions affect the collective consciousness as a whole? Are your thoughts, in your estimation, powerful enough to cause any reaction whatsoever in such a vast and wondrous space? Are you mindful of your place in the time and space continuum? Do you matter in a massive energy force so great that we likely cannot comprehend the magnitude of the greatness? Can you see your value amidst the sea of star beings and star light? Have you ever meditated on your connection to all, as being that energy?

Take a night this week, and go as close to nature as you can get. If you live in a large busy city, take a drive away from the noise and wattage and find a serene space where you can just sit in the universal energies and contemplate the ways in which you have chosen to interact with the flow. Relax into the ethers of infinite intelligence and allow your whole gestalt self to align with the universal force source. You are of the same energy as are the stars. You are aligned and connected with the universal intelligence field. You are whole and gestalt and perfect in your humanness. Just be in your organic state of homeostasis ~balanced, complete. Spend at least fifteen minutes in this natural condition, releasing what does not matter and immersing in the truth that we are all okay, always, even when we are questioning the point of physical human existence on the Earth plane.

Experiencing a stressful, imbalanced, hectic, caffeine-fueled lifestyle is not the way we humans were meant to live. Chasing dollars at jobs we hate, or not having a job to go to each morning is being in a state of imbalance and is courting disease. If you are not doing what you love, at least make it a point to go to nature and debrief often. We are not meant to not live according to our purpose. Following your true north star is empowering and leads to fulfillment. And fulfillment is what we are all designed to attain while we are visiting Earth. As much as possible, live your life according to your  natural design. Be aligned body, mind and spirit with divine universal flow and you will find your life ‘works’ much better for you, and for all. Being in balance means you are optimally grounded and secure, and ultimately empowered.

Keep a date with nature as often as possible to help you remember your purpose and your place in the Universe. When you care enough to invest in yourself by taking your self to the source of universal energies, you are affirming your value to the universe. This affirmation is the force that brings more alignment to your life. The result is wellness in mind, body, and spirit. When you are nurturing your whole self, you will automatically begin to see clear improvements in all aspects of your life. And all you have to do is go into nature and simply ‘be’. Fantastique, ehh?

~As always, from Paris with love & light.