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What is Inspiration?

Inspiration quite literally translates to coming from one’s spirit center (in spirit). When we are aligned with our whole gestalt self, body, mind, and spirit, we are aligned with the energies of universal consciousness. This is the point where all great inventions and ideas and concepts are born. Everything exists in this energy field, currently awaiting recognition, as what we then refer to as “discovery” or “invention.” There is no thing that does not exist now. There is nothing which has been created, invented, or discovered that has not always been. It was simply awaiting the zeitgeist, the right time when it would be called upon. Being in spirit, is to be in inspired; this is the energetic place where your inspiration takes root, and eventually sprouts to bear the once hidden fruits of your creativity/design/discovery.

What Inspires You?

Is there a genre of writings, a type of music, an individual, a hobby, or a challenge that inspires you to take action? Does a walk in nature take you to the place of fullness of spirit? Does a sunrise fill your gestalt self with a feeling of being compelled to take action to achieve something? Does reading about accomplished individuals in a field of interest cause a stir? Are art or artifacts museums like a drinking fountain to a thirsty soul? Can you find that inspiration on a daily, or at least weekly basis, and then take the steps forward towards a targeted goal? Is there a hobby or cause that lights you up and takes you to that place of energized action? If so, can you transform that energy into a career? If so, this may just be your calling, calling you at a spiritual level to finally acknowledge your divine purpose.

Is Inspiration Important?

Failing to follow inspiration may fertilize a host of maladies. Not living according to one’s purpose and calling is to deny huge portions of the self. Gestalt (whole) self balance is not possible when large chunks are disowned. And balance (homeostasis) is the human organism’s prime state of being. One cannot be balanced and experience optimal wellness if there are chinks in the circle of wholeness. In that regard, it is crucial to follow one’s passion either as a hobby or as a career, or optimally as both. To deny the inner voice that calls you to action is deadly. Stuffing the drive can manifest as dis-ease. And disease is the root of many unhealthy results.

Inspiration provides the fuel for achieving goals against odds and obstacles. 

Being in touch with that unique calling, and finding a way to express those energies in a career makes long hours enjoyable as you are catapulted to fulfillment. It’s been said that when you are doing what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life. As the hours pass in enjoyment, your inspiration if fostered and nurtured.

Life is good.

Using inspiration may lead you to greatness. It is certain, that failing to follow one’s inspirational prompts will not lead to greatness. Imagine if some of history’s most profound thinkers and experts had not heeded their individual calls to action.

Food for Thought:

Ask yourself, How can this thirst for inspiration as fuel for my creativity be fed? Go inside of your core, and look at what really turns you on. What things do you enjoy? Look around your environment; the clues are everywhere. What trophies, certificates, and artifacts decorate your shelves? In your ‘spare time’ are there any activities that automatically grab your attention? If you could be anything in the world, what would it be? Can you cultivate a belief system to inspire you to take action, even for fifteen minutes every day, towards this position?

What Stops You? 

When you begin to contemplate your possibilities, what internal alarms go off in your head? What internalized messages immediately surface about your worth, worthiness, competency, appearance, education, typical traits and behaviors?

Are you harboring old tapes about your value? Does an unhealthy self-esteem stop you from even pondering the possibilities? If so, where did you learn the messages about your value? Did a role model/care giver brand you with labels of a certain socio-economic status, or limiting beliefs as to your intelligence, or worse?

Reinventing the Self 

There are countless stories of people reinventing themselves despite perceived barriers of age, status, race, education, etc. Rather than re-tell those stories of greatness and survival, let’s just create a fresh story to add to the list. It is never too late to do what you are destined to do. It is not too late to reinvent you in your highest calling form. I speak these words from actual experience. When you get clear on your worth, and on your desire to be the unique person you are meant to be, you can let go of the old habits and messages and decide for yourself who you are. It may mean changing friendships, leaving the old behind, and embracing the fears of change, and it just may be the most positive thing you ever do. It will likely be the most rewarding.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.