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According to Keirsey, Oprah Winfrey may be a T...

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I thought I would put some links here so you can watch some enlightenment in action. Oprah refers to these as “A-ha moments.” As mirrors, maybe some of these examples will cause you too to have an “a-ha moment” of your own.





Living a lie is the one solitary worst way to live. Authenticity is attractive, and is the way to wellness. Holding in secrets and/or living a shame-based life will add a layer of unhealthy stress to your life. It is imperative that we each live our individual truths. We are not on this planet to impress anyone. We are here to express and learn and experience our selves in physical form. It’s your life. Live it.

~As always, From Paris with love & light.

Coming soon: Escaping the Chrysalis: Tools for Transformation into Divine Wholeness