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Today I thought I would share a little “Me Time” with you. It’s Friday, and by the end of the week we generally need a little “me time” so take a break, and indulge in this affirming video.

I have been checking in on Oprah‘s Life class this week, and a common theme is most obviously permeating the pages. It seems that almost every comment has to do with wrong thinking. You see, we begin learning things about ourselves as soon as we exit the womb. Most of the message we learn about who we are, and who we should be are erroneous. The lessons are taught by supposed caregivers, but just because they are in the role of “care-giver” does not necessarily mean they have the expertise or good judgment needed to raise a healthy child. This doesn’t mean that all guardians are cruel or ignorant; it simply means that we pass on generational thinking, and that thinking is not always the best or most supportive for anyone’s wellbeing.

Few adults have what I will refer to as “right thinking” even when they hold degrees from Ivy League institutions. Most humans are raised with a thumb pressing down against self-esteem, and with societal dogma and mores that dictate the adage of not being selfish. As a human race, how few of us begin each day with affirming our unique place in the universe? Is there a school on the planet that actually promotes self-sufficiency and self-love? Did you learn how to positively affirm your wholeness with every action you take? Are you aware enough to hear your own self-sabotaging jokes and negative affirmations in your own speech patterns?

Absolutely, affirmations work. They work when you set an intention, and they work when you are ignorantly self-depricating. All one has to do to realize the power of affirmations is to look at one’s life at any present moment. You are manifesting your life experiences all day, every day. If you like what you see, you are apparently doing something right. If not, change your focus. Consciously manifesting the life you desire is much more fulfilling than stumbling around feeling like a puppet.

Are you the sort of person who puts on a sweater and then complains that it’s too hot? Are you so comfortable in the familiarity of misery that you continue to set the dynamics to perpetuate things for which to complain? THIS IS YOUR LIFE. It is up to you now to take the helm, to guide you to your harbor of choosing. Begin the journey by setting a well-defined target. Hear your words, whether they are inside your head or muttered aloud. Your words have meaning and power. Now that you know this, use your words to help catapult you to the freedom of fulfillment.

And if you’re in Oprah’s Life class, good for you. The program is fast paced and seems to be an immersion experience into the whole gestalt-ness of you. And if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know it’s all about the complete gestalt package here. You are gestalt. You are whole and complete and perfect in your humanness. NO ONE ELSE CAN DECIDE WHO YOU ARE OR HOW YOU SHOULD BE!

“To thine own self be true.”

Now do yourself a favor: Go to the mirror and practice making eye contact with yourself. When you have mastered looking yourself in the eye, let the pure love in your heart pour out to that reflection. You are worthy of whole, non-jugmental love, acceptance and appreciation. Let it begin with you. Start the process by loving you fully, wholly, unconditionally. And no more self-depricating humor. You are not to be dissed, even under the guise of humor.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.


Coming soon: Escaping the Chrysalis: Tools for Transformation into Divine Wholeness.