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I’ve spent most of the day completing a housekeeping duties; trying to spruce up the place a bit, and get a little more organized here. Sometimes it seems like trying to put an oversized two by four into a garden hose; things just don’t always fit in the way I envision.

Life is like that sometimes. We think we know how things are “supposed” to be, and when things don’t line up per our expectations it can make us cranky if we’re not evolved enough to let things flow.

I cussed a bit today. The computer shut down unexpectedly, and I lost a lot of data. In the end it turned out okay. I just blamed it on sunspots and planetary alignments. It may take a longer while than I had planned to spend revamping, but maybe things will turn out better than I had anticipated. That’s the beauty in life: we just don’t know until it happens, so it makes good sense to stay present in the ‘now’ and not dread the future or mourn the past. …or cuss…. ;~)

I did manage to add a new page for finding your soul mate, so the day was highly productive in that regard. Check it out!    http://parisdaglion.com/soul-mates/