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Star Dust In Your Eye or Hormonal Swing?

Where do moods come from? Whether male or female, are we cyclical according to our hormones, or are we also predisposed to mimicking the cycles of others in our vicinity? Do bio-rhythms play a role in the vacillation between lightest and darkest hues of our personality spectrum? Is there an invisible energy field that affects us as soon as we open our eyes each morning? Is there star-dust sprinkled in our dreams that determines our morning disposition?

Diet Is More Than Good Taste

You may be allergic to basic foods such as wheat, potatoes, gluten, certain fruits or vegetables and dairy, and not even recognize your sensitivities. Foods absolutely have an effect on blood sugar levels, and behaviors, especially when you factor in the preservatives and chemicals that are added to our food supply. In the past 50 years humans have been exposed to more chemicals than all of history prior. Our human immune systems have not kept up with the processing of industrial additives. If you see a child heading for the meds to treat a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder or any other host of so-called maladies, look first to diet and especially to food additives such as artificial food colorings. If you begin to be aware of your own sporadic shifts and inability to concentrate, look first to your diet. Your diet can cause depression and/or elation. It is the same for children, only their systems are more susceptible to misalignment simply due to their smaller stature.

Sweeten the Pot With This Information

It is true that diet effects blood sugars which in turn affects the variables in everyone’s moods. High starchy foods, fruits and sweet vegetables such as corn and carrots, and any foods containing any forms of either processed or natural sugars will elevate us to manic highs, and then drop the bottom out from under us, causing us to come crashing down. As we crash, it is natural to reach again for the quick fix, and that starts the process over again. The perpetual cycle is unhealthy, to say the least, and adding caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol to that mix can be deadly.

Physical Causes of Dispositional Shifts

It is also true that brain abnormalities and head trauma, both physical and emotional, can play heavily into one’s disposition. Ask anyone who has ever suffered a head injury and he or she will likely concur that the injury had a noticeable effect on the stability or instability of behavior and responses. Something as innocuous as lighting can light the fuse of shifting mood instability and fits of anger and/or complete rage.

Identifying & Treating Emotional Causes of Dispositional Shifts

Living with others can be the source of great support and acceptance, or contrarily, may be the source of adversity and stress. By taking a look at our environment as it affects our emotional wellbeing, we are able to better adjust any sources of discomfort that leaks out as a mood swing. It was Socrates who went often to the gazebo to be alone with his whole gestalt self, warts, bad moods, and all. He said this was times “when Saturn came to call.” Apparently Saturn is the sprinkler of gritty sand instead of star-dust, and brings a dark energy when he comes to call.

If you don’t have the sanctuary of a gazebo like Socrates, or a “Room of One’s Own,” as Virginia Woolf claims is necessary, make it a point to find some quiet solitude where you can just be and allow your whole spectrum of moods to work themselves out without getting on others. Encourage others to do the same when, “Saturn comes to call.”

Gestalt Means ‘Whole’ & So Are You

Gestalt means “whole form” and is built on a foundation of integrity, as in, when the links are intact, the chain has integrity. You are whole, and whole means without cracks and chinks in your whole gestalt self. In your gestalt state, you have integrity. Wholeness, without structural damage, is integrity intact. Your moods are all a part of that whole spectrum which is the sum of you. It is an awareness of these parts of your whole gestalt self that builds your character, your integrity. Without awareness of mood shifts, humans tend to react rather than respond or perhaps better even, to go to a place inside to explore the core self. There is no more empowering or rewarding journey than that of going inside to explore the facets and gems of one’s wholeness. Spiritual Gestalt is the ultimate fulfillment where we recognize our universal oneness. There can be no greater mood enhancer than the recognition of our unique place and our purpose in the collective all of everything.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.


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