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Why Am I Here?

Living Your Divine Purpose is the reason you are here. No, not on this webpage, but here on this planet Earth. You are here because:

You came to heal the planet.

How could I possibly know this? Decades of study and introspection and the expanding practice of gestalt techniques, discovering the difference between wrong and right affirmations, mastering the ways of meditating, practicing dreamwork, and taking the journey to the wildlands of Me have blessed me with a plethora of understanding. And my divine purpose is to share those secret discoveries with you.

What if you could have, do, or be whatever you wanted?

  • You can have whatever you consciously choose to have.
  • You can do whatever you consciously choose to do.
  • You can be whomever you consciously choose to be.

(There’s a pattern here; can you begin to see it?)

Life, is a string of choices.

Sometimes we forget that our life is a result of decisions we’ve made. And if our life isn’t quite what we’d hoped for, we may look to blame circumstances, or DNA, or our parents. But really, there is a time when we must look inside, rather than outside of ourselves for the root of our current experience.

DNA/Genetics only accounts for about 20% of our existence, at most. That leaves a whole lot of other options at the table of opportunity. Environment is a bigger factor than are parents; isn’t that liberating? (It is if you come from my genealogy pool!)

There’s no one to blame but yourself. There’s no one to stop you now that you are both liberated and responsible for yourself, for your life, for your fulfillment. So after that truth sinks in, what are you going to do about it? Will you allow the status quo to dictate your future? Will you choose to take action each and every day towards a predetermined goal of your choosing?

I’ll ask you again: What if you could have, do, or be whatever you wanted? Tackle that question with candor and honesty. Take a few moments alone to contemplate the thought of the perfect you, your perfect life. What do you see when you see yourself as this perfect version of you? What does it feel like to be this perfect version of you, living this perfect life which is yours? How did you get here? What conscious choices did you make that supported you in your journey to this perfect place of being? Can you trace back the string of consciousness to where you began? to where you are now?

What Stops You?

Gestalt is interested in the wholeness of you. When you can release any internalized road blocks to success, you effectively free up energies to flow towards the goals of your choosing. The energy can only flow in the direction of your choosing. This means that when you consciously route your energy flow in the chosen direction of your chosen fulfillment/success, the energy must flow in that direction. It is only when you stop the flow that it ceases to take you to your chosen goal of divine purpose.

Oh Captain, My Captain 

If you really want to experience this lesson, enroll in a flight school and take one or two lessons from a flight instructor. Otherwise, just pay attention here: Your life path is just like the path an airline pilot takes every time he/she is at the controls in the cockpit. All the way to the predetermined chosen destination, let’s say from New York to Paris, the pilot continuously makes corrections on every trip. Those corrections and adjustments to the trajectory result in successfully staying the course to that predetermined chosen destination. If the course is unplotted and/or strayed from, the destination will probably not be Paris, but rather may be somewhere in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. No pilot gets into the captain’s seat without having filed a flight plan. Now that makes logical sense. Yet how few humans have actually sat down and chosen a destination and scripted a direct course of action?

Lip Service or Dedication?

It’s easy to let your lips flap in the wind, and just as easy to say things you want, but which you have made no committment to manifest or attain. You could die tomorrow, and chances are your dreams will die with you, unrealized, unless you choose to take action today. What are you waiting for? It’s up to you to chart your course. It’s up to you to be the navigator of your own ship.

I ask you again: What if you could have, do, or be whatever you wanted? Now that you know that you can have, do or be whatever you choose, what will you choose? Choose it now. Now is all you’ve ever got. Do it now.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.


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