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Have you ever thought about your thoughts and how those thoughts have created your current circumstances? Do you blame others for your life events? If you are in a ‘good place’, do you claim the pat on the back for steering your life-craft to still blue waters? Are you happy and content, or are you complaining and miserable to be around? Have you bought into ‘victim’ behavior, constantly seeing yourself as a poor victim of circumstances, and continuously re-affirming your plight with anyone within earshot? Or contrarily, are you taking responsibility for your current station in life and owning your role in the decisions that have created your current life situation?

There is no way to be a victim when one claims responsibility for life, regardless of the circumstances. The simple act of saying, “I AM Responsible,” releases any holds that others may have had in the past, and it takes the onus for individual events to precisely the place it needs to be in order to empower you. When you make a clear decision to acknowledge your full culpability for your life, you have won.

Claiming responsibility for one’s life is the single most empowering action that we can ever take in life. By taking responsibility for all of life events, we are effectively taking the helm and guiding our self to the dream line. This is the place where we accept our whole (gestalt) sum. It is also the psychic space where we are most fully aligned, body, mind, and spirit. This alignment is where integrity, strength, and personal power fuel us thru thick and thin to achieve great advances, rapidly.

It is no secret that our thoughts create our reality. We manifest, for good or not, and we are only made whole when we recognize the truth in that statement. Never again feel like a victim. Give up any tendencies towards martyrdom. When you claim your responsibility for your life, for all of your life, you are claiming your right to live your life fully, and on your chosen terms. It’s your life. What are you doing with it?

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By P.R. D'Aglion

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