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Happy Veterans Day. Let’s not get so wrapped up in the ponderings of numerology that we neglect our heroes. Thank You Troops, past and present.

11-11-11 is stirring a lot of interest. Granted, it is cool to see all those 1’s lined up like obedient soldiers. But what is the real attraction to the pairs? Why are so many weddings and parties scheduled for this “special” date? Where were all these folks when 9-9-99 and/or 9-9-09 passed quietly by? Will there be as much fuss next year on 12-12-12? Perhaps there will be an even greater celebration, especially if the Mayans were right about the calender ending in 2012….

In New Age circles, the number 11 and especially seeing 11:11 on a digital clock is a call to awareness. The number 11 is the trigger to remind us to notice our self, to align our body, mind, and spirit, as the number 1 aligns with its twin to form side-by-side balanced alignment. Isit really any different than any other day? Is there some magic to this day or is it all hype? Will you win the lotto because of this date?

Gestalt too, is a means of reminding us to align. Mind, body, and spiritual alignment is the fullest empowerment of human potential. Whenever you see twin numbers, make it a point to consciously align your mind, body, and spirit. Then make it a point to do it even when there are no trendy triggers. By consciously developing the habit of noticing your physical and emotional sensations, and then aligning your body, mind and spirit into a congruent whole based on the feedback your senses are sending you, your personal sense of self becomes a well-honed instrument. You are the instrument that leads you to whole and balanced oneness. You are the whole gestalt entity. And you don’t need twin digits to remind you of that truth. But if you do happen to win a lotto today, congrats! But before you spend that loot, please say, “thank you,” to a veteran today.

~From Paris with love & light.