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My numbers dropped by 1 today. I’m wondering if it is due to content, number of posts, or just due to boredom that someone ‘unliked’ me on FB.
I did write a blog two days ago about past lovers; I suppose it could have been offensive or boring. But relationships, past and present, are a part of our personality. And truly, who hasn’t learned from a past affair of the heart?
Oh well. As I write about interpersonal issues and about the ways in which gestalt techniques can be used to improve the lives of everyone, it occurs to me that many are not ready to leave behind the ways of dysfunction. That’s fine. I’ve had clients contact me years later and tell me how much their lives have improved when the lights came on. Not everyone is ready to change instantaneously; many, however, are more than ready to transform into the full-winged butterfly and fly freely into the future. I applaud all, in either case.
To those who faithfully read this blog, and to those who are not ready, I say only this: You are a valuable, powerful human being; never let anyone dissuade you from that belief.
~From Paris with love & light and respect.