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Thanksgiving Day is a no-brainer day for expressing gratitude for our blessings. Today, however, I am interested in sharing with you a piece of my soul. It is inside, in a deeply hidden crevice where my full-winged butterfly is spreading her wings, that my spirit swells with gratitude for you. You are the reason I write. Without you, there would be only letters and verbs and nonsense floating in my mind. It is because of you that I sit in the place of inner stillness and contemplate my thoughts and transcribe those thoughts thru the keys.

Gratitude, I have learned, is the surest way to manifesting greatness, and for bringing about more blessings for which to be thankful. Because our vibrational frequency attracts exactly what is being broadcast from us as individuals, when we take the time to express sincere gratitude we receive many blessings in return. Creating a habit of expressing gratitude for at least 5 things at the beginning and ending of each day, ensures many blessings. It is simple, and it is effective in attracting more blessings. Thanks-giving, giving thanks for at least 5 things grounds and keeps me in touch with the things that truly matter. I will freely admit, some days are harder than others. It is on those days when I have to really search through the ruins to find the blessing that I learn the most humility and the most powerful lessons. Some days, the thanks flow freely and abundantly. Many times, the gratitude takes longer to unearth. In either case, the gratitude is at the core of my quiet thoughts. It is my healthiest habit to date and I work to keep gratitude at the front and center of my consciousness as a means of connecting with the all of me and with the all of the universe. My roots are in the thanks-giving. Failing to express gratitude would now be akin to pulling me from my fertile grounds and allowing me to whither. Gratitude is that important.

Today, and everyday, as I log into this site, I think of you with gratitude and appreciation for you showing up to find whatever I have left here. Thank you for following me as I take this journey on Earth. Thank you for sharing comments, for friending me, and for inviting me into your life. Without you, I would not come here to play, to share, to learn, and to teach. Without your support, I would write only for me, and that’s just not as fun as having the interactions with readers and fellow Earthlings.
Today, and everyday, I hope you will understand how much I appreciate you. I am grateful for you. And today, especially, I want to say thank you.

Warmest wishes for a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving celebration. May you effortlessly find much for which to give thanks. You are blessed. We are all blessed. Thank you.

~From Paris with much love and light and gratitude.