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Eckhart Tolle says there is no opposite to life. The opposite of death is birth, but there is no opposite to “life.”  It certainly got me to thinking about that concept of energy only changing form, and never dissapating, never ceasing to exist.

Our “I” is always present, in some form, although not necessarily as we experience our “I” self to be currently. It is our essence, that deeply rooted source of self that is always in existence, and which will always be.

It is for this precise reason, that I continue to study and to seek whatever value I can add to my essence. As I learn and expand, I leave behind others, not in an angry ‘divorce’ sort of way; rather, I leave behind and enter into new relationships with new perspectives to entertain and challenge me. As I meet and experience the fresh and often non-typical, I am forced to expand my horizons of beliefs. My internalized beliefs and biases are only mine. This makes them neither right or wrong.

Beliefs and values are malleable. They change shape and adjust and they evolve and disolve. Part of the human evolution is contained in this growth. Just as a child has growth spurts, so does the human race. We are all, always participating in some level, to the expansion of the collective human consciousness as well as to the expansion of the universal collective consciousness which does not only include human consciousness.

The universal collective consiousness involves all. Only misplaced human ego would pretend otherwise. Conscious intelligence has found a means of expansion thru the human mind, but this not necessitate that the human brain is the only option. If intelligence decides that humans are not right for the task, other forms may certainly take on the pleasure and consequence of intelligence.

Until that time, I hope to continue to ponder the grandness of universal possibilities. It may mean that I change friendships and acquaintances, but that too does not necessitate anything. It all just ‘is’. All is just is as it is with no judgment of good or bad. It all just is. Intelligence really has very little to do with human intellect.

If only we could see our family and friends as simply, without the condemnations or kudos of being. It is only our biases, colored by our perspectives, that make things either right or wrong or good or bad. All just is, without our coloring box of broken crayons to color in the judgments.

“To thine own self be true.”

~As always, from Paris with love & light.