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Imagine my surprise this week when I read a news story saying that approximately 1 out of 11 shoppers will steal something. The article went on to say that filet mignon was the most often item of choice for the thieves. Now I don’t know about you, but filet mignon would not be at the top of my holiday list, so I’m thinking that there must be some variables that bring this luxury to the top of the list of most sought after items by the five finger bandits.

Gold, in my mind would have a greater value, unless of course, one were homeless and starving. But in that event, wouldn’t a package of hot dogs suffice?

Next in line are, Liqueur, Electronic Tools, Electronic Gadgets, Razor Replacement Blades, Axe (Men’s deodorant & body wash), Mens Designer Clothing, Let’s Rock Elmo, Channel No. 5, and athletic shoes.

As I peruse the pics of the most often stolen items, the filet does cause my mouth to water. But the razer blades, running shoes, mens wear, Elmo, and Axe do nothing for me. And inspite of my name, Channel No. 5 is not one of my favorites, although I do admit having given a bottle to my mother.

Liquer, and filet are tempting treats, but karma is instant and powerful, and as a believer that I reap what I sow, I definitely am not a fan of theft. In fact in my estimation, thieves are wallowing with the other feeders at the bottom. The message being affirmed by anyone stealing is one of a sorely lacking and only serves to attract more experiences of lack. It is an indication of terrible lacking self-worth. Thieves should all go back to school to learn the Golden Rule as the key to life.

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

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