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This week I have heard many people complain, stress out, and nearing full throttle panic mode over the impending (apparent) doom of the holidays. My logic kicks in and I contemplate the level of stress that attaches to this supposed season of love. Why would we ever experience stress and increased anxiety when we are here only to enjoy the company of our loved ones and celebrate spiritual affairs? Is is too far fetched to imagine that every sane human would prefer to relax, perhaps have a cup of cider and a shared bite with friends and family rather than running like chopped-headed chickens thru the malls and depatment stores spending money as if it were not a recession?


I am almost as guilty as the next shopper, except that my awareness has recently taken over my reactive nature. Now, instead of running all over town in a race that no one really wins (well, almost no one NOT in the retail business) I sit back in my comfortable environment, light some holiday scented candles and sip on a cup of warm beverage while I draft letters to my favorite humans.

This year, I have determined it better to give of my time and of my heart. There will be very little mall skating; I will write lovely notes of personal admiration and respect to those handful of friends and loved ones that will truly appreciate the effot taken. If at all possible, I will mend any damaged fences and bridges, and will make an even greater effort to not burn any friendships during the coming year.

As I sit in my big easy chair, I breathe in the scent of the holidays and feel myself relax into the season with pride and acceptance. Isn’t peace and serenity the real feeling that the holidays are meant to bring about? Isn’t a global energy of joy and comfort the real emotion we’re going for? Okay, and divinity and fudge and ham and pies and stockings stuffed with curling hard candy ribbons and….

Oh how I do adore the holiday season, on my terms.

I wish you all a sane and peaceful holiday season spent with persons who love and respect you.

    ~From Paris with love.