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Don’t Be Lonely! Find Your SoulMate Before New Years Eve!

There is never going to be a good excuse for being lonely. Billions of kindred spirits are walking this globe, many of whom are hoping to meet someone like you.

Be brave. Take a risk. You may be kissing your soul mate‘s lips come New Years! And even if you aren’t, you may find some interesting, intelligent friends to share ideas and events and moments.


When you trust yourself, you don’t worry about things “not working out,” or about getting your heart hurt in the process of reaching out. When you trust yourself, you know that whatever transpires, you are fine. In fact, you are perfect. ~Perfect in your humanness, and perfect in your knowledge that not every relationship is meant to last forever. Persons come in and out of our lives. Some stay for only a very brief interlude, and some last for more than a physical lifetime. All are important.

I never ask someone else to “trust me.” It is not up to me whether or not some other person trusts me. What is important is that others trust themselves enough to know that they will be fine whatever I do with my choices. It follows then, that I too know that I am always okay. I may not always like the way things happen, but I always know that I am fine, at any time.

Asking that someone “trust” is a manipulative request. But moreover, hearing somone tell me that they “don’t trust me” alerts me that I am being manipulated. I never asked that anyone trust me. It is only up to others to trust themselves. I will take care of trusting me. And I do.

Trust you too. Reach out and touch someone.


~As always, from Paris with love & light.