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I swim like a rock.       Just picture a boulder with flailing arms rapidly sinking to the bottom and you’ve got a pretty good vision of me swimming. I could fight for hours, splashing and thrashing and wearing myself to the point of no return, and still I would not make much progress as far as swimming goes. These days however, not only do I not swim against the smallest of tides, I also don’t even try to doggie paddle. It’s futile, I have finally acknowledged. And it takes a toll that is far too great.

Noting that while salmon head upstream for what presumably they have determined is a worthy purpose, spending their collective final days working against the ferocious pounding currents, in an effort to reach the goal, for most of us, there is nothing of value upstream. The goal does not reside there, at some imagined finish line beyond the waves. In truth, there is nothing of value upstream.

Karma lives upstream. And that seems a subject for another completely differing blog post for perhaps another day. What is really being referred to here is a propensity to try to go where the waters are not so kind or smooth. Struggling with the currents when they are clearly against one is not wise, especially whan it makes so much more sense to simply flow with the stream of one’s life.

Fighting the tides of life takes a toll and makes absolutely no sense. By being present in each moment, we are able to flow with the stream and reach our destination intact and wiser for having accepted the experience. There is no need to invest a large amount of energy fighting against anything that comes our way. Calmly being present in any situation without being reactive allows for greater awareness. When we realize that each and every moment which is always now, we are fine, or better. There is no other time but now. It is always now, and it will always be now. Acknowledging this truth is liberating. There is not a reason to experience stress now. And it is always now. Enjoy the present. It is always with you. And even if you are a strong swimmer, move with the current and enjoy the moment. It’s all you ever have. And if you don’t swim, a peaceful walk on the beach is very appealing, and life-enhancing.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.