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I’ll be brutally honest here: few people impress me. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find those rare individuals who have the ability to grab my attention as being inspirational as opposed to being ridiculous.

So-called “reality” shows have little to do with reality. And if they do, Goddess/God help us all because surely Intelligence will soon be seeking a more adequate host. Perhaps flowers, or maybe the Earth, or maybe even some planet in some far off galaxy will be the top dog as silly Earthlings act out in ways that eventually lead to the end as we know it.

Don’t be so harsh, I admonish myself. There are heroes amidst the trees of dumb antics. And so I focus today on the good in humanness. And as I look at some of those individuals whom I consider heroes, I remember that all others are but mirror reflections of ourself. It would do me good to remember that truth as I pull back the reins of judgment and squelch the black and white thinking.

We are all quite perfect in our humanness. That is the gift in Gestalt. And it is precisely true that we are all at individual stages of evolution. So without judgement, here are a few of my favorite “heroes.”

Redefining “beautiful” is Ms. Venezuela, Eva Ekvall: http://news.yahoo.com/former-miss-venezuela-dies-breast-cancer-28-193031133.html

Redefining feminine strength is Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi: http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1991/kyi-bio.html

  Redefining humanity (in my estimation) is the Dalai Lama: http://dalailama.com/

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, for the ways in which she reaches youth, and helps to prevent adolescent suicide. The following link is to a beautiful video: http://www.ladygaga.com/marrythenight/#!video

The potential list is endless, of course. As I take a moment to contemplate everyday heroes, I look to my inner circle of friends and acquaintances and realize how many wonderful persons have shared a piece of life. The heroes are all around us. All I needed to do was to look at you.

With the understanding that we are all mirrors, who’s your hero?

~As always, from Paris with love & light.