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Most humans don’t readily embrace change. Despite the health of the present, many of us prefer the status quo to anything that may replace it. My grandmother used to say, “Better the devil you know.” It was a sort of gentle admonishment to my “devil may care” attitude. In the end, grandma and I shared a love of adventure, and an openness to what the future brings. It was that carefree curious attitude that stayed with grandma and kept her young at heart right up until her ninety-third birthday when she put on her fancy red nightgown and robe and went across to the other side of life. Those ninety-three years were fulfilling, and she never wasted one small second wondering about death. Death, as it turns out, comes soon enough and needs no invitation. And, “there are many things worse than death,” was a statement I heard from a very yound age. It took a lifetime to discover just exactly those things are, those things that are “worse than death.”

Grandma didn’t believe in the retoric that 2012 will bring a cataclysmic end for humankind. Neither do I. The death of the human species, in my estimation, is not some gradious excuse for pop corn and/or panic. Slowly, with much less advanced notice, the species will die out due to unawareness, by self-inflicted ignorance, and by a general lack of intellectual evolution, unless of course, there is a mass consciousness shift towards awakening. I hope that happens, but I’m certain that my energy will be at peace whatever path it/I transform into.


I do admit that I have had a lot of fun researching the 2012 concept, especially from a comedic perspective. Some very clever folks are creating some funny stuff in the cartoon department. I much prefer the humor to the doom and gloom.

It appears that the human race may have a subconscious awareness that if we fail to take the path of awareness we may fail to continue. Perhaps that is why there is an “end of the world” hysteria each time numbers align (11-11.11, 12-12-12), or we come to the end of one millenium and enter into a new (recall the fears surrounding 1999 when all the computers were ‘doomed’ to fail and the world would reportedly fall apart?). It’s fun to play, but in all seriousness, please don’t take things too seriously. Have a little fun! After all, it’s not the end of the world.


As always, from Paris with love & light.