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Early self-help guru Napoleon Hill claims that we can all connect with the minds of great thinkers, whether those inspiring minds are living or dead. Despite your view on communicating via mind waves, open up for long enough to watch this video and consider the possibilities.

Who, if you could share a plate at the table, would you choose to invite? If you are interested in poetry, wealth, spirituality, painting, philosophy, or any of the endless subjects, take some time to consider who are the specialists in the field of interest.

Personally, I call on Carl Jung and Fritz Perls for inspiration when I am focused on gestalt behavioral psychology. As I write, I often invite Ralph Waldo Emerson and/or Eleanor Roosevelt in. I’ll go to the library shelves and peruse until the appropriate literature finds me. This seems little different from sitting back and allowing the universal consciousness to guide me. I am open to receiving the inspiration via any means and methods.

However the intelligence comes in, I am happy to embrace the possibilities that we share an infinite source energy that contains all that ever was and all that ever will be. This field of consciousness is the “I AM” of all of us. We are one, and have always been and will always be. Just as the rays are not separate from the sun, we are not separate from source.

Everything is energy. This has been ascertained many times in my life as I’ve witnessed the flow from objects generally seen as non-living. These episodes along the way are for another blog, another day, and perhaps elsewhere, but they have provided me with fodder, nonetheless, for entertaining the vastness of what is. This tiny little corner of the cosmos is less than a gnat’s hair in the enormous realm of possibilities and probablilities. And still we matter. We matter because we are matter ~slowed vibrations that show form as we vibrate a frequency that reflects our spirit nature.

It makes a common sort of sense that as our vibrational frequency increases we are able to connect with the kindred vibrational frequencies of resonance. We interlace with those energies whether or not we are aware. And we are constantly sharing energy fields with the match to ours.

Call in the energies that support who you really are at a core, gestalt level. Allow yourself the gift of being authentic.

~Much love & light.

Coming soon: Escaping the Chrysalis: Tools for Transformation into Divine Wholeness