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Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. One or the other must dominate. It is your responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind.”  Napoleon Hill

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Affirmations work. Whether consciously made as a means of intentionally creating a positive event, or mindlessly stated, affirmations absolutely create reality.

Life is busy and time passes and consciously affirming reality takes time away from other duties. Too often affirmations are only a new year chant that quickly fades away before the Valentines are delivered. More often than that, affirmations are made in passing as a self-depricating joke or sarcasm.

Because I believe so fully in the power of intention and in the right use of affirmations, I have created a way of unconsciously affirming the best life possible. For each of my online accounts that require a password, I have created an affirmation to be used as the passwords.

Each time I log into any account, I am using a personal affirmation. Because much of my life is spent logging in, I am repeating affirmations daily, without thinking. My brain chemistry is triggered, reinforcing the affirmative message. Like a Pavlovian pup, I subconsciously respond to the affirmative intent as soon as I reach for the keys. There is no stress to set aside a specific time for conscious creation. It happens daily without my having to make a fuss or sit lotus position in my serene space.

Consider a few words that represent any behavior you wish to attain. Perhaps you are seeking to improve upon self-love. An appropriate password to affirm the improvement could be selflove, iloveme, lovable, iheartme, affirmme, IMworthy, etc. Each time you log in using the affirmation you are sending a positive message to your self and to the reciprocal universe.

Maybe you are intending more wealth come your way. In this case a password such as rich1, iattract$, wealthy1, $mart, affirmdough, $martmktr, mon3ymagn3t, or any personal message that affirms your wealth is appropriate. The affirmations are limited only by your imagination, and can be changed at any time desired.

Because expressing gratitude begets more for which to give thanks, creating a password that reflects gratutude is effective in attracting positive experiences. Thx, givethx, Bthankfl, IMblessed, thxU, or other similar expressions of gratitude are key reminders of how much there is to be thankful for.

You may have chosen to be a bit more mindful of the ways in which you interact with others. Deciding to be a kinder and more considerate magnet of resonating frequencies is a good strategy that can be nudged painlessly along with passwords such as BKind, Bpatient, g1v3mor3, lov3hardr, etc.

On a global scale, teachpeace, BPeace, BReal, lov3all, send out a high-spirited vibe of oneness with all. In fact, variations of oneness, 1ness, 1N3$, look to be powerful password/affirmation for supporting world peace.

Maybe you could benefit from a lift in overall personal self-esteem. In that case, worthy1, loveable1, improvingdaily, $mart&$3xy, or any positive message about self-worth can be useful as a daily password. My personal favorite is “IAM” as it covers the whole/gestalt concept of high vibrations in mind, body, and spirit identity.

Whatever affirmations you use, have a good time and affirm some fun, humour, and laughter into your life. Each day as you affirm positive into your life, breathe in the oxygen and express gratitude for one more priceless moment.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.

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~Thank You, Often. ;~)