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For anyone not currently living in 72 degree temperatures with a light warm ocean breeze blowing gently against your skin, my condolences. The beaches of Southern California are unseasonably warm this week, and the negative ions did much to alert me that fact.

My first book was written as I inhaled the negative ions of the Pacific, and I will, I fear, always have a deep romantic relationship with the coast. Try as I might, to live in other locales, I am drawn by the pull of the tides. I’ve spent years in other areas, but it is when I return that I feel I am coming home, and it is when I leave, that I feel the loss of love in my breaking heart.

This trip was different, only in that I was there for such a short visit. In that regard, it only adds to the emotion of deprivation that I sense. Such a short visit leaves me longing for more…like the thoughts of a lover fading into yesterday.

Any travel is good for helping one take stock of life, and of what is important. The sea is for me, and it is not for everyone. And the occasional earth rumblings make the California coast an area some folks shudder to consider. A few little earth quakes don’t bother me. As long as I can stroll on the boardwalk, breathe in the benefits of sea level living, and relax into a less stressful experience, I am content. And still, I am happy to be home, and back to my typical life as a writer and gestalt practitioner.

~As alway, from Paris with love & light.