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Ram Dass said, “The quieter you become the more you can hear.” I’ve been in a deep pool of noise over the past few days as I traveled to the mourning & celebration of life services for my recently departed friend; it is such a relief to come back to my friendly keyboard with my thoughts slipping out of my fingertips.


I inhale deeply as I write that last sentence. It is quiet, serene and warm in my office. I take a moment to express gratitude for my safe haven. Soon it will change, as well-meaning friends will show up at the door to continue the flow of condolences over loss. Food spreads will line the counters and beer and wine will be consumed. Noise, an infusion of tears and laughter and anger and all the emotions that can possibly spill forth will fill the environment. Expletives and kind sentiments will explode to mask the heartaches, and little by little the venting will release the dam and the feelings of love will flow out with even more velocity than the pouring wines.

We each have our own ways of dealing, of mourning, and of living. I am mostly introspective, although friends would argue that I am not introverted. It depends, partially, on the company I’m keeping, I suppose. Loud boisterous types annoy my sense of self. I prefer whispers and intimacies over large gatherings. But I also speak publicly and facilitate gestalt training groups, so I am around groups of people often. Maybe that’s why the solace and solitude are so valuable when I can steal those oh-too-rare moments of quietness.

Ram Dass has it right. “The quieter you become the more you can hear.” And this is a wonderful thing, only for those not afraid to hear. A lot of folks are scared out of their skin to even consider being still and listening to the self. I see it every month in the gestalt groups; so many folks are so alienated from themselves that they refuse to allow even one second of quietness. They self-filter; they run (generally screaming and crying) quickly away. It is as though the silence contains too much truth. But can the truth ever be scary? Sunlight burns if you get too much, but truth??

There is great empowerment in the truth. I have witnessed miracles in personal growth, and it is because of these miraculous experiences that I wrote Escaping the Chrysalis. I cannot possibly reach every human on Earth with my gestalt groups. I can, however, provide the Tools for Transformation into Divine Wholeness. Gestalt is inside of each of us. And the gestalt tools for changing any behavior are contained in Escaping the Chrysalis: Tools for Transformation into Divine Wholeness. The release of the book is nearing, and my heart races with excitement for you, the reader, because I know the magic contained in the pages.

Until then, in the silence of your self, take 5 minutes each day to let the thoughts settle and chaos begin to make sense. Don’t fear the power of the quiet. Embrace the gift. Get in touch with you. You deserve to be gestalt/whole and balanced.

Thank you, often.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.


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