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President Barack Obama visited Las Vegas on Thursday. The pictures today are all shots taken at the gathering. His speech was focused mainly on clean energy.

Traffic Gridlocked when the local police department closed the roads so access to the President was restricted. Not necessarily because of “energy conservation” consciousness, folks turned off their engines, and got out and milled about as they waited for the barricades to be lifted.

Even UPS drives couldn’t gain access to the UPS facility where the gathering was held.

Look at the size of that tour bus!

Two of these, parked end to end, successfully blocked any inappropriate access to the President. And if the two buses weren’t enough of a barrier, look at the top right of the picture to see the snipers on the rooftop.

No word needed. When the air traffic flew over, these guys were ready for anything.

Look at the size of these binoculars! I’m thinking they can see the California coast from this perch in Las Vegas.

Yep. His eyes and binoculars are trained on me. Soon afterward the Secret Service crew and bomb sniffing dogs showed up to make sure all was well.

Close up of the bus.

Not so secret service is checking out the onlookers in my circle.

Just another day in the lives of security….

Look closely and you can see the backside of the big guy.

Young Obama supporters in Las Vegas.

HONK for PEACE! (I’ll honk until I’m blue if that’s what it takes for PEACE!)

Las Vegas’ finest motorcycle escort (1/2 of the whole group.)

Motorcade Mayhem.

And with that, he was gone. Air Force One leaves Mc Carran International Airport.