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You know someone like this: They are constantly living on the edge, either as a “drama queen” or “drama king,” or they are competing in dangerous activities such as racing, performing stunt actions, participating in extreme sports and so-called X Games, or drinking, smoking and imbibing too much.

Maybe this person (or persons) is constantly living in a roller coaster fashion of emotional highs and lows brought on by choices, although rarely recognized as having any input or control over the emotionally charged circumstances.

Perhaps this is a victim or an abuser, feeding on the constant flow of stressors and fear factors. Even victims get a charge out the victim behavior: While the victimizer has a huge rush of adrenaline before and during an attack, so does the victim who experiences the fight or flight reaction and must always be on high alert.

Some folks fight with drivers they’ll never really get to know, and others fight for parking spaces and end up on the Internet:

Certain professions feed this addiction to adrenaline: Realtors, Lawyers, Business Professionals, Astronauts, Military Personnel, Pilots, Stunt-Performance actors, and live stage performers all live hectic, adrenaline-fused lives unless they take the time to notice, and to calmly go about the business without the chaos and stress.

We LOVE a rush of excitement! Sometimes we make a very conscious choice to raise adrenaline levels by attending a scary movie or participating in scary or adrenaline-increasing activities that we call “fun.”

We participate in these activities because it is fun, and because we get a rush of adrenaline that makes us feel alive.

Sometimes our adrenaline is brought about because conflict resolution is a rare rather than typical means of communication. Humans fight over money, and even have disputes with co-workers. There is never a good reason for lowering oneself to a level of hostility.

It is when the addiction to dramatic moments demands one live in constant chaos with toxic levels of adrenaline pumping through the body that attention and action need to intervene. Hypertension, heart failure, stroke, cancer, and a plethora of maladies are brought about by stress and drama. It also leads to adrenal burn-out, adrenal fatigue is a dangerous and debilitating condition.

Chaos often masks an aversion to stillness, a fear of hearing and/or facing one’s inner voice. The fear of being alone with oneself triggers the constant level of mania and manifests constant drama, thus bringing the fix of the hormone.


The fix will kill you. The answer is in the stillness.

~As always, from Paris with love & light.

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