As a result of over ten years as a “front-lines” social worker (not to mention training facility for Grad students of Social Work), I’m generally jaded to the plight of the impoverished. I’m not saying that hardship doesn’t exist; I’m only stating that after ten+ years, I have seen the bad and the ugly, and very little good. This time however, I am compelled to share this heartfelt plea from a single mother of two:

She’s the “real deal” and I’m here to testify that this is NO SCAM. It seems she is pedaling her arss off and moving ever slower to the edge. PLEASE pass this on, and let’s get this hard working mother some temporary help. It just feels right. This is a plea from me to you, to help this woman stop the free fall. Some are just meant to be saved.

Much Love & Gratitude.