About Moi

Bonjour! I am glad you have come to my ‘about’ page to get to know me. I hope to also get to know you too! So where to begin the story of my arrival here on my web page…. First, I will begin by saying that I write. Not only on this blog, but also several books and articles, mostly nonfiction, humanistic stuff, a few poems, and a handful of kids’ stuff. When I’m not writing, I’m generally thinking about writing, or researching something along the lines of physics, metaphysics, human behavior, dreams and goal setting and self-esteem.

By education, I am a Gestalt practitioner. I have facilitated Gestalt groups for many years with the focus being on allowing others to be, and to be whole (gestalt) and perfect in their human-ness. We are all humans, just being human as we ride this rocket ship for a brief span. There is no reason to fight, quarrel or dig in our heals, as ultimately, we are all after the same thing: validation. That validation can come from inside of ourselves; in fact, that is the only real source of validation. External validation makes us too vulnerable to the foibles,  fancies, frequencies and biases of others. We have these filters that define everything and everyone we see. We all do. So it makes sense to recognize the filters for what they are, biases and internalized messages handed down from generations past, and from peers and society.

Anyway, that’s why I am here. I have made the choice to write here on this public forum, to hopefully spread a little sunshine thru gestalt techniques for building self-esteem. If you’re interested, link on and let’s see where the ride takes us. If not, it couldn’t be helped.

While you’re perusing my pages, take a look at the right column where you’ll find a few of my favorite links to kindred spiritual singles, beautiful meditation videos, inspirational music, my affiliates, other places I call home, and information about the law of attraction, and other points of interest. Additionally, I’m hoping you’ll ‘like’ my FaceBook page and join me for some fun.


~As Always, with Love & Light.